Personal Bio


My wife, Stephanie, is a practicing family doctor. We used to work together, along with my father, in Plano, TX. In 2016, we relocated to Denver, CO for a new adventure. We have three children who, as you might imagine, keep us quite busy. 


Given the opportunity, we love camping and hiking. As the kids get older, we hope to progress them from short hikes and drive-up tent camping to to multi-day backpacking treks. Recently, we camped in the mountains of Casper, Wyoming to see the total solar eclipse of 2017.  


The kitchen is one of my happy places. I enjoy cooking nearly as much as I enjoy eating. My favorite meals to prepare are labor intensive and very hands-on dishes. Although I can draw from a variety of cuisines, my favorite dishes tend toward a fusion of Asian, Latin, and Mediterranean flavors.

Food is not my only pleasure. I have also developed quite a taste for beer, and enjoy brewing my own ales at home. The list is growing, but some of my favorite homebrews include a sweet stout, a Belgian-style Dubbel, a Chai-spiced ale, and a very dry sparkling cherry cider. Most recently, I've kegged a pumpkin & butternut squash ale, a sour Belgian ale with cherries, and a hopped apple cider. 

Most recently, I've begun learning the art of cheesemaking. So far, I'm only making uncultured cheeses such as ricotta and mozzarella. But I'm reading about cultured and aged cheeses, and hope to take that step soon.

Constructive Hobbies
I like making and repairing things. Woodworking has been an interest since highschool, although my time and space have limited much work in this area lately. 
I also enjoy electronics - a hobby that goes back to my teens when I became a licensed amateur radio operator (KJ5EW). I still like tinkering. Lately, I've been experimenting with the Arduino, a fully programmable circuit board capable of interfacing with a huge array of sensors and devices.

The Arts
I can't paint or draw very well, but I enjoy music very much.
Classic rock, folk music, blues, and acoustic guitar are the most common findings in my playlist. But I still dabble in other genres, too.
I have played piano and keyboards since middle school. I taught myself the basics of guitar back in college, but really progressed after I began studying with my fantastic guitar teacher here Plano.
Now, in Denver, I've begun playing in an amateur jam band.